Education is a Key Sector for Us

At a time when the sector’s budget is under pressure, it is essential that educational establishments receive help to undertake much needed repair, maintenance, refurbishment, and re-modelling projects quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

With decades of experience in delivering exceptionally high quality services, we can offer successful solutions for any budget.

We work closely with the Local Educational Authorities (LEAs), strictly complying with set building standards and requirements. We also constantly communicate with the Head Offices of the schools, nurseries and other educational establishments to minimise the inconvenience the work might be causing to staff, pupils, parents and students.

With our extensive experience of working in the demanding environments of live nurseries, schools and universities, we can offer a flexible and undisruptive out-of-hours schedule, in accordance with their learning timetables and daily routines.

Students Walking Towards A School
Modern University Building

Timely and Professional

We understand the importance of completing each project on time, especially in the educational sector. Dedicated management teams coordinate our work, communicating directly with the Head Offices, and we keep LEAs fully informed of progress and development.

Observing strict health and safety rules is essential for our work. All our employees have the relevant certificates, acquired at CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) approved training organisations. They also have full DBS checks.

At Galway Hynes we believe that giving kids the opportunity to play and learn in a safe and stimulating environment will improve their lives immensely, and give them the chance to become better people.

Modern University Building

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